You may have already heard me refer to the ‘Winning Years’ for Scottish tourism? The Winning Years offer us three fantastic years with eight major events and milestones in the Scottish tourism calendar.

Everyone needs to be a part of this! I urge everyone working in Scottish tourism to focus on the next three years to help grow tourism and Scotland’s economy.

We need every public sector body, every tourism business and every member of the Scottish population to focus on one goal. Tourism can be the hero of the Scottish economy if everyone understands its size and potential over the next three years:

This year we’ve £450K to spend on marketing Scotland as a creative destination and we’re working with Creative Scotland and businesses like yourselves to sell our creative credentials on a worldwide platform – take a look the Year of Creative Scotland toolkit we’ve developed to help you hook on to this opportunity.

We can’t buy this kind of exposure! The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, Olympics and Disney Pixar’s ‘Brave’ all present you in the Scottish tourism industry with an enviable opportunity for global promotion. It’s about grabbing the moment. Everyone can take a piece of the action by developing new products and maximising on capital investment.

Disney Pixar’s Brave will be premiered in 72 countries around the globe with an audience of 200 million people across the UK and Europe – so businesses need to capitalise on the opportunity.

The Olympics? Well our research shows 30% of people in London want to escape elsewhere. So let’s make it sure it’s Scotland!

So I’d like to know – what are you going to do to champion the Winning Years? How are you going to make the most of this global spotlight on Scotland?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments!